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EYE-TOLED-5500: Large, transparent OLED display

EYE-TOLED-5500 with a screen diagonal of 55 inches and best image quality supplements the eyevis product range with an innovative display for presentations with an additional dimension

February 2016, Reutlingen: eyevis introduces a unique display at ISE: the transparent EYE-TOLED-5500. Thanks to its transparency, this large display with organic LEDs and a screen diagonal of 55 inches allows for entirely new presentation formats.



Brilliantly self-luminous or transparent

The display is transparent wherever black image content is shown, while the active pixels are self-luminous and put forward very brilliant colors. As a display installed on top or in front of products and exhibits, the EYE-TOLED-5500 creates a unique two-layer impression: fixed and moving images are superimposed on real objects, leading to an impressive new presentation format. This innovative display type can also be integrated in a room, standing freely between object and viewer and draws the attention of the viewer back and forth between the background and the display.

Joachim Vollmer, eyevis’ product manager for displays, is thrilled about the new product: “It creates an atmosphere of technical advancement and is reminiscent of some elements in science fiction movies. It already draws attention through its presentation format alone. Anyone who has seen the display so far was fascinated by it!”

Vollmer sees the future of EYE-TOLED-5500 anywhere the focus is on exclusive illustrations, be it as an eye catcher for product promotions at the POS, in museums, at trade fair stands or in an executive lobby.


Technically pioneering und variable

The new eyevis display also convinces in terms of its specs, with its outstanding image quality in Full HD resolution, high contrast, extremely short response time and radiant colors even from an extreme viewing angle up to 178° from both sides. It is already very variable in its standard version and can be used in landscape or portrait orientation, vertical, horizontal, or for example as a countertop installation tilted by up to 15 degrees.

Moreover eyevis implements custom-made versions of the EYE-TOLED-5500, which are adjusted precisely to the presentation concept of the client. “We expect many different forms of application for the TOLED display, which we can perfectly support with our customized solutions,” explains Vollmer, addressing another strong suit of eyevis.

The EYE-TOLED-5500 can be seen at ISE in an installation of two stacked elements in an upright format. It can be viewed from both sides and presents the various possibilities of this new technology. The EYE-TOLED-5500 is now available for shipment, the first projects were already realized and will be showcased in near future.


About transparent OLEDs:

OLEDs, short for organic light-emitting diodes, consist of different layers such as the substrate, the anode, and the cathode. During non-operating state of the transparent OLEDs (TOLEDs), these layers are all transparent. Only when they are active do they shine in the desired color. TOLEDs have a main viewing side, to which the larger part of the emitting light is directed. Thanks to their self-luminous properties, TOLEDs can be used effectively even under adverse lighting conditions. At the same time, they have low power consumption.

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