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Creston: Holland Park Penthouse

Crestron: Holland Park Penthouse

A Heart of Glass

Holland Park penthouse is a state-of-the-art bachelor pad When it comes to entertaining, this state-of-the-art London penthouse, brimming with Crestron technology, doesn’t miss a beat. Spread out over two buildings connected by a stunning glass bridge and including a wonderful rooftop terrace, this astonishing glass and steel apartment provides an impressive view of Holland Park as well as a great space to relax with friends.

The homeowner can choose from several music sources, including three music servers, three Crestron docking stations for the iPod® in the main entertaining spaces, DJ decks in the reception area, and a DAB tuner. A Crestron Sonnex audio matrix switcher feeds the music into eight rooms, while a Sonnex four-room audio expander supplies the master bedroom.

To complement the sound, video sources include a movie server, three SkyHD+ receivers and Apple TV® with a Crestron DigitalMedia matrix switcher providing HD resolution to multiple TV screens.

At the touch of a button, a cleverly concealed cinema screen slides down into the main living room. Lighting control with colour change allows the homeowner to set multiple scenes for each room and pick the colour of LED spotlights for the glazed areas.

This property is the ultimate bachelor pad. It comes complete with a top of the range automated entertainment system, beautiful views, and a unique modern design.”

— Elliot Hicks Complete Home Control

Ultra-modern style

Ultra-modern style

This stunning penthouse is built of steel and glass on top of two buildings in London’s chic Notting Hill neighborhood. A living room, dining room and kitchen are located on one building’s fourth floor, with a glass bridge leading out to a terrace on the other rooftop.

Six bedrooms and a gym occupy the third floors. They are connected by the same two-level bridge between the buildings.

To tie in with the apartment’s ultra-modern style, the technology had to be as discreet as possible. In-ceiling speakers are installed throughout and waterproof speakers are hidden in the showers and on the rooftop terrace. The television screens are also subtly incorporated into the design: a 40-inch TV in the kitchen is housed behind a custom-made glazed panel, the TV in the master suite is recessed into black marble, and the study has a 40-inch screen recessed into the joinery.

“This property is the ultimate bachelor pad. It comes complete with a top of the range automated entertainment system,  had to be ‘squeezed in’ due to the lack of space,” he adds. “Spanning across two separate residential blocks, the property also needed separate fuse boards and earthing ground loops. To overcome these issues, we used fibre output cards to the DM video zones in the master suite and across the glass walkway.

This ensured that we could meet the client’s exacting standards for his displays. Only Crestron hardware would allow us to do this easily.”

television screens

television screens bed room

The stunning master bedroom features a 46-inch television screen. Due to the size of the four poster bed, the screen had to be positioned in a way that could be fully enjoyed from the bed. The Complete Home Control team installed a motorised TV lift into the ceiling, storing the TV horizontally when not in use.

When powered on, the TV lowers to a comfortable viewing height, perfect for when relaxing in bed. A unique challenge is of the project was that over 75% of this 3700 square foot property is glazed. The Complete Home Control team thus had very limited wall space to install the technology desired. It also meant that control of the motorised blinds was needed to allow privacy during the evenings. The team installed Crestron keypads in various places around the apartment, using double-tap and pushto- hold functions, as well as built-in light sensors and Crestron’s astronomical time clock to open and close shades to match the position and intensity of the sun.

As the owner of this property often travels, security is paramount. To put his mind at ease, the team installed the Crestron app onto his smart phone, giving him the ability to access CCTV feeds from his home wherever he is in the world. The door entry system is incorporated into the Crestron system as well, allowing control from an internal phone and the house-keeper’s mobile phone. CCTV camera feeds are accessible from all TVs, touch screens and Apple® devices.

The homeowner can also set timed events from the app, such as opening and closing the blinds and switching the lights on and off, creating the illusion that the home is occupied. With all this technology installed, it is important for the owner to be able use the system for years to come, and for it to work with any future advancement in technology. In order to do this, Complete Home Control installed a future ready network to provide all the data and TV locations with multiple connections via wireless access points for the existing system, as well as any technology that is added in the future.

The finished result is amazing, a perfect blend of futuristic architecture and Crestron technology.

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