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Alfa Nero United Kingdom

Crestron: Alfa Nero United Kingdom

The Oceanco’s Alfa Nero is a luxury yacht equipped with the latest AV, telecommunications and automation systems. With every recreational and entertainment feature imaginable, this 270 foot vessel offers a truly luxurious life on the ocean waves, even boasting a hydraulic swimming pool that transforms into a dance floor, a vast entertaining area or even a helipad. With a long, low stern dominating her sleek appearance, the Alfa Nero cuts a striking figure. In addition to her fabulous looks, the designers equipped the yacht with a dazzling amount of luxury, topped off with the latest technological systems.

Alfa Nero’s onboard entertainment, environmental and communication systems are all controllable via state-of-the-art Crestron technology, installed by Van Berge Henegouwen of the Netherlands. A range of Crestron touchpanels offer the ideal user interface, simultaneously expanding and simplifying control over the Alfa Nero’s broad range of complex devices and systems. Alfa Nero’s occupants can control the AV equipment, lighting, drapes, airconditioning and other systems via wired and wireless Crestron touchpanels located throughout the vessel. Presets include “DVD”, which simultaneously turns on the TV, activates the DVD player and tunes the AV processor to the correct input.

Occupants can check email or start watching a movie while the lights are dimmed, drapes are closed, music stops and movie volume increases – all with the press of one button.

Alfa Nero United Kingdom creston

The onboard entertainment is divided into locally and centrally placed systems. The local systems include speakers, amplifiers, Crestron touchpanels, local source equipment and 20 Crestron processors that ensure every AV and environmental element of the yacht is integrated and accessible. This user-friendly Crestron experience is supported by intuitive touchscreens programmed by the engineers of Van Berge Henegouwen.

Centralized sources include 23 satellite receivers and 23 Direct Latin America receivers, High-Definition component matrix switchers and Crestron audio amplifiers, including several CNAMPX-7X200s and CNAMPX-16X60s, each providing the yacht with seven and 16 channels of world-class audio amplification respectively. A media server delivers a one-of-a-kind cinema experience to 23 players throughout the yacht, enabling the yacht’s owner to collect, manage and enjoy his entire digital movie collection with breathtaking ease and speed for maximum viewing enjoyment. The server stores the DVD collection and provides multiple, simultaneous video playback throughout the yacht, and is easily accessible and operational with one touch of the Crestron touchpanel. The yacht’s occupants can choose to watch different movies at the same time in different rooms, view the same film continuously on different screens as they move around the vessel or pause a movie in one of the staterooms and finish watching it in the sky lounge on either the 65″ LCD or 7.1 surround sound cinema with its 120″ high-resolution screen. Easy access to the yacht owner’s music collection is provided by digital players, also controllable via the Crestron touchpanels.

The intuitive user interfaces created by Van Berge Henegouwen programmers make it easy to find and play music from the collection, review detailed descriptive information about the music library, mix and match music and arrange selections in any order for a completely personalized listening experience.

Many of Alfa Nero’s Crestron touchpanels have several functions unique to their marine environment. For example, users can view the ship’s position or check its monitoring systems via the video matrix, which comes in handy if occupants want to know when they will arrive at port. The Alfa Nero also boasts three Crestron WPR-48 waterproof remotes, with fully immersible, rubberized cases that are easy to grip.

Fifteen wall mount touchpanels put a world of control capability in the space of a common light switch. A spectacular 12″ touchpanel display offers a wide viewing angle with exceptional brightness and contrast for stunning control graphics, highesolution images, and full-motion video. Five wireless touchpanel remotes are located in the yacht’s service areas and officers’ cabins for compact, wireless control in a stylish, handheld package. Areas such as the yacht’s bathrooms, lobbies, pantries, and elevators have streamed music with independent volume control; TV lifts and swivels are also connected to the central Crestron control system.

The Alfa Nero houses a satellite and DVB-T terrestrial receiving system, with satellite reception achieved by two marine-stabilized, 5′ dishes with an automatic changeover system for the strongest reception. Terrestrial reception is provided by a directional TV antenna in combination with Celwave whip for radio. To monitor the temperature of the central racks, Van Berge Henegouwen engineers used temperature sensors and a Crestron-programmed notification system. When the temperature of the main rack or the amplifiers reaches the maximum tolerated temperature, a notification will be displayed on the touchpanel.

Via Ethernet, engineers can see if the ship is on course and monitor the satellite antennas. Crestron XPanel enables Van Berge Henegouwen technicians to access the system remotely, creating an online version of a Crestron touchpanel with the same degree of control. The Alfa Nero engineer can log into XPanel from any Internet-connected computer and perform the same operations that can be performed from the touchpanel in the equipment rack.

When it comes to managing technology within a marine environment; no superyacht should set sail without a complete automation solution by Crestron

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